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Yoothemes: Space 2 Icon Set

Space 2 Icon Set: Space 2 Icon Set

„As promised here comes our second part of our space icon series! Now the Space Crew is complete with a witty robot in three different mood versions, the green twin of the protozoa alien, a satellite, a planet and a flying saucer. So what are you waiting for – with this team you are ready to travel to infinity and beyond! This makes 7 icons altogether. All icons come in 32-bit transparency PNG file format and in 8 different standard sizes, ranging from 16×16 to 512×512 pixels. It makes a total of 56 additional handcrafted icons which are of course optimized for each specific size.

Take a look at the new space icons and join the icon club!

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(Via YOOtheme.)

Markus Ostermeier
Markus Ostermeier
Contact: markus(at)ostermeier(dot)net - My Coffee is always #000000! - 3CX-Code: A3-K29PNA-4RLNFH-4AQMP-39JJL-J2SDZ-XE9G8-MO73, Code Plus 8FWHPXXF+XQ, GPS Location 48°44'59.9"N 11°58'30.8"E - It all started with a Commodore 64.
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