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Omnifocus 2.0.1 für Mac erhältlich

Nach dem ich gestern die Omnifocus Vers. 2.x installiert hatte, war ich heute „freudig“ überrascht, dass es bereits ein Update auf die 2.0.1 gibt. Was sich daran geändert hat, findet ihr unten. Version: 2.0.1 June 17, 2014 OS X 10.9 Mavericks OmniFocus 2.0.1 is a minor update that fixes a number of bugs in the initial release of OmniFocus 2.Bug Fixes Fixed a bug where the Send to Inbox service did not work correctly in Standard when clipping from Mail, Safari, OmniWeb, Chrome, or Finder. The note in the Inspector is now editable for sidebar selections. Fixed a hang when replacing the server database if OmniFocus needed to prompt for your sync credentials. Fixed a potential crash when using undo/redo and certain custom Perspectives. Fixed a regression where the MailTags clipping handler was not called when clipping from Mail with MailTags installed. Fixed a bug where selected items in the sidebar or content outline were not made available to items in the Services menu. Fixed the visibility of the placeholder text when editing the Project and Context of an action or project. Fixed a bug where the badges in the Forecast calendar could get out of sync when items transitioned from due soon to overdue status. Fixed a bug where where OmniFocus failed to report an error message when trying to ope… Read the rest