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Omnifocus 2.0.1 für Mac erhältlich

OmniFocus 2.0.1 is a minor update that fixes a number of bugs in the initial release of OmniFocus 2.Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where the Send to Inbox service did not work correctly in Standard when clipping from Mail, Safari, OmniWeb, Chrome, or Finder.
  • The note in the Inspector is now editable for sidebar selections.
  • Fixed a hang when replacing the server database if OmniFocus needed to prompt for your sync credentials.
  • Fixed a potential crash when using undo/redo and certain custom Perspectives.
  • Fixed a regression where the MailTags clipping handler was not called when clipping from Mail with MailTags installed.
  • Fixed a bug where selected items in the sidebar or content outline were not made available to items in the Services menu.
  • Fixed the visibility of the placeholder text when editing the Project and Context of an action or project.
  • Fixed a bug where the badges in the Forecast calendar could get out of sync when items transitioned from due soon to overdue status.
  • Fixed a bug where where OmniFocus failed to report an error message when trying to open a linked attachment that had been deleted.
  • Fixed a bug where parent contexts in the sidebar incorrectly had a disclosure icon when child contexts were excluded by the current view filter.


  • Improved interaction with the keychain when there are stored credentials for multiple Omni Sync Server accounts.
  • OmniFocus no longer needs to be quit and relaunched in order to use AppleScript after upgrading to Pro.
  • Corrected the feedback address used by the Contact Omni menu item.
Markus Ostermeier
Markus Ostermeier
Contact: markus(at)ostermeier(dot)net - My Coffee is always #000000! - Base-Station: GPS 48.749878 11.975666, Code Plus 8FWHPXXF+XQ - It all started with a Commodore 64...
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