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Japanese Whalers Acknowledge Sea Shepherd Success

War da nicht gestern in den Nachrichten was, dass Südkorea wieder den Walfang aufnehmen will? Natürlich „nur“ zu Forschungszwechen. Wer´s glaubt…

Japanese Whalers Acknowledge Sea Shepherd Success: „

Japanese Whalers Acknowledge Sea Shepherd Success

Operation No Compromise Officially recognized by the Japanese Whalers as a Victory for Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

Steve Irwin and Yushin Maru circleFile: Steve Irwin and Yushin Maru circleHighlights of the ‘Cruise Report of the Second Phase of the Japanese Whale ‘Research’ Program in the Antarctic (JARPAII) in 2011/2012’

– Authors:
1) The Institute of Cetacean Research
2) Kyodo Senpaku Kaisya Ltd.

Unfortunately the research activities were interrupted several times by an anti-whaling group (SSCS)

Captain Paul Watson: That was the objective however this should be changed to:  Unfortunately the illegal commercial whaling activities were interrupted several times by an anti-whaling group (SSCS)

As a result the planned dedicated sighting survey was cancelled in the whole research area because the two Yushin Maru’s had to dedicate to security tasks

Captain Paul Watson: Two of the three harpoon vessels were taken out of the game for the whole season. Major victory.

The research activity of the SSV (Yushin Maru No.1 – the lead harpoon vessel) was also interrupted several times.

Captain Paul Watson: Two totally disrupted and the third partially disrupted. Love the acknowledgement.

The total searching distance was 3,040.5 nautical miles by the fleet, which was approximately one-third of the searching distance in ‘normal’ (pre-SSCS intervention) years.t

Captain Paul Watson: Wonderful news.  They are yearning for the pre-SSSC intervention days.

The research activities of the JARPA II survey in 2011/12 was again interrupted by the SS (SSCS) first during the transit survey from Japan to the research area and throughout the 2011/12 research period

Captain Paul Watson: Yes we forced them from west of Australia to the Ross Sea causing them to waste a great deal of fuel and time.  That was our intention and it was realized.

In order to secure safety for the research vessels and their crew members, the planned sighting vessels had to dedicate many of its planned research time to security tasks. It was very regrettable and disappointing to report that this large investment – dedicated sighting survey in the Antarctic – had to be cancelled in the 2011/12 season

Captain Paul Watson: Yes so regrettable and so disappointing. Not for us of course. Great results in our opinion.

‘Research’ vessels were frequently attacked by the anti-whaling group (SSCS) and the survey was interrupted in several opportunities.

Captain Paul Watson: Should be poachers were frequently reminded that their whaling killing activities in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary are not welcome.

As a consequence vessels YS3 and YS2 had to dedicate to search and monitor the anti-whaling group vessels most of the research period

Captain Paul Watson:  That was of course our intention i.e. to keep them from killing whales and we are very pleased at the results.

Unfortunately the research activity was interrupted for over 15 days by directed violent sabotage activities of the SS. Therefore the research of most part of Ross Sea in Area V, East-North Area V, West-North Area VI and some other parts had to be cancelled

Captain Paul Watson:  YES!!!!    Cancelled – love it!

The Japanese whaling industry suffered another humiliating defeat this last season at the hands of passionate volunteers dedicated to ending illegal Japanese whaling operations in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary. Operation No Compromise was a complete success and a great victory for the whales.

pdficonClick here to read the full ICR report (PDF) 

(Via Sea Shepherd News – Sea Shepherd Deutschland.)


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