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Video: Stock Jimny VS Modified Jimny – ALL THE WAY TO THE TOP!


This trip starts out all innocent as the team grab a stock as a rock Jimny and try to take it up one of Victoria’s toughest tracks. Of course we don’t make it, so we return with taller mud tyres for a second attempt and then again with even bigger tyres and a suspension lift for our final shot. But the episode get’s hijacked by Simon and his Iveco and the competition is on. With a fully locked and super capable truck facing off against the open diffed little Zook, Simon at least throws in a last minute surprise to try and even things out and give the Jimny one final chance to reign supreme. It’s an action packed episode, a stack of fun and a full feature on just how far accessories can get you for a very capable budget build.

Markus Ostermeier
Markus Ostermeier
Contact: markus(at)ostermeier(dot)net - My Coffee is always #000000! - 3CX-Code: A3-K29PNA-4RLNFH-4AQMP-39JJL-J2SDZ-XE9G8-MO73, Code Plus 8FWHPXXF+XQ, GPS Location 48°44'59.9"N 11°58'30.8"E - It all started with a Commodore 64.
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