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Internet-Logbuch vom 9. Januar 2020: THE BRYDGE PRO+

Brydge has announced a new iPad keyboard. This one combines their excellent build quality with a built-in trackpad. I love that Brydge has embraced the “keyboards for pro users” market and I hope other manufacturers are paying attention. Combining an iPad with superior hardware and software is what the platform needs most. I have the existing Brydge keyboard and I have to admit, when I use it, it feels like I’m on a MacBook. So much so that I frequently find myself reaching for a non-existent trackpad. I hope this works as advertised.

Markus Ostermeier
Markus Ostermeier
Contact: markus(at)ostermeier(dot)net - My Coffee is always #000000! - Base-Station: GPS 48.749878 11.975666, Code Plus 8FWHPXXF+XQ - It all started with a Commodore 64...
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